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Promissory estoppel elements: Canada.

Ecobase Enterprises Inc. v Mass Enterprise Inc. [2017] FICR 7

Four elements of promissory estoppel.

In Ecobase Enterprises Inc. v Mass Enterprise Inc. [2017] FICR 7; 2017 BCCA 29 (CanLII), the British Columbia Court of Appeal has reiterated the four elements of promissory estoppel in Canada of:

1. an existing legal relationship;

2. a promise or assurance made by the other party and intended to affect their legal relationship;

3. reliance on the promise or assurance; and

4. a change in position to the party’s detriment.T

The court did not have to determine whether the elements were made out in this case as the appellants only appealed on the basis of the sufficiency of the judge's reasons.

Read the full head note here: [2017] FICR 7

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