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Cameron Ford features in a Q&A Forum on Managing and Resolving Mining & Commodities Disputes

Financier Worldwide forum.

LONDON, 23 September 2015: Financier Worldwide is pleased to announce that Cameron Ford of Rio Tinto has participated in Financier Worldwide’s Q&A Forum on “Managing and Resolving Mining & Commodities Disputes”.

The Q&A Forum forms part of a Special Report on International Dispute Resolution, which appears in the October 2015 issue of Financier Worldwide magazine.

For the Q&A Forum, Financier Worldwide moderated a discussion between Dawna Wright at FTI Consulting, Warren Beech at Hogan Lovells, Craig A.B. Ferris at Lawson Lundell LLP, and Cameron Ford at Rio Tinto.

Dawna Wright said: “Be proactive in managing the risk associated with existing contracts.”

Warren Beech said: “Our experience is that the majority of disputes arise from differing viewpoints on what was meant or intended at the outset.”

Craig A.B. Ferris said: “Mining and commodities companies should be prepared to defend the activities of foreign subsidiaries in the courts of their home jurisdiction.”

Cameron Ford said: “With prices in the mining and commodities sector generally falling, the pendulum has swung to purchasers wishing to escape commitments to purchase volumes set at earlier higher prices.”

The complete Q&A Forum is available to read on Financier Worldwide’s website: